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Signs of Toxic People And How To Deal With Them

Signs of Toxic People And How To Deal With Them
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No matter how much we avoid having or meeting toxic people in our life, we somehow get in touch with them. And the worst part is that the moment they meet us, they start creating toxicity in our life. Their vibes are not that positive and somehow we sense it all but still, sometimes we try to give them some time or space so that they can fix up their own created issues.

They are so damaged internally that they can have us questioning sensitivity and reactiveness. Do you know being able to catch their toxic signs can minimize their impact? There are other things as well that you can do to deal with such toxic people. This blog covers 10 signs of toxic people along with ways on how to deal with toxic people in life or at work. So, let’s get started.

20 Signs of Toxic People

Below are the 20 common signs of toxic people:

  1. They lack a sense of humor.
  2. They always assume the worst version of you.
  3. They tend to take you and your time for granted.
  4. They are distrustful.
  5. They manipulate you.
  6. They always threaten you to end the relationship.
  7. Your bond with them is so fragile or precarious.
  8. They always keep you in guessing mode instead of resolving your problems or queries.
  9. They provoke you to show your ugly side and then play the victim.
  10. They are not at all generous.
  11. They are good at playing blame-game.
  12. They always hold a grudge against you.
  13. They are good at hiding their mistakes.
  14. They always try to engage you in gossiping.
  15. They try to bring out the worst in you.
  16. They act out every feeling of their own without even listening to yours.
  17. They think they carry expertise on everything.
  18. They can’t be happy for others not even for their close ones.
  19. They try to put you down in every situation without even saying a word about you or to you.
  20. They try to make you feel ashamed of your feelings.

8 Effective Ways to Deal with Toxic People

1. Avoid getting into a conversation with them.

If you really want to stay away from them, you really need to avoid any kind of conversation with them. If you somehow still get into the conversation, just simply keep the conversation one-ended, do not get drawn away with their toxic behavior, and focus on your task. This is one of the best ways to deal with toxic people at work.

2. Do not get drawn by their toxic behavior

Dealing with a toxic personality or behavior is really mentally exhausting. The toxic person might constantly complain about you or others, but you need to focus on your tasks so that they cannot accuse you of anything. Keep resisting the urge on speaking to them or defending yourself; just try to leave the conversation.

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3. Pay attention to the signs and do not reflect on them.

Whenever they enter into the room, office, or your life, you really need to pay attention to their toxic signs and do every bit you can do to not reflect on their toxic behavior. They are going to manipulate you in such a way that you may get drawn, but keep your spirits high and connect with your inner-self so that you can win over their negative behavior.

4. If they matter, talk to them.

If they are your close ones or loved ones and you really want to fix their toxic personality. You can have a good and effective conversation with them so that they can get back on the right track. Also, try to teach them personality traits that do not define their toxicity.

5. Prioritize your happiness first.

Before thinking or trying to fix anyone, make sure you have prioritized your mental health, needs, and happiness in the first place. Fixing someone can really impact your mental health too, therefore, put yourself first and then make things right.

6. Show compassion but do not try to fix their issues or them.

People do change on their own, but they should be willing to bring positive changes into themselves. Therefore, do not make it your own duty to fix them, you can also offer them compassion. You can help them by showing kindness and compassion but if they are not willing to change, just stop.

7. Learn to say ‘NO’

If they are impacting you mentally and physically, start saying no and start learning to walk away even if you don’t want to. Do not stick to them or their negativities, learn to say no, and never get into a guilt trip.

8. Remember, you’re right at your place.

No matter how toxic they become in front of you, remember you are at your right place and you should not get impacted by that. Do not get personal and avoid them as much as you can.

I hope this blog helps you to understand signs of toxic people and ways to deal with them in life or at work.

Thanks for reading.

More power to you! Let’s keep the toxicity away!

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