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Why Are Criss Cross Crunches So Important?

Why Are Criss Cross Crunches So Important?
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One of the most famous exercises that have made its place in the fitness arena is the criss-cross crunches. What makes this exercise so popular? It is effective, it is challenging, it is sexy and it does not take a lot of time. This unique exercise also offers one of the best muscle-building workouts for the back and legs as well as for the abdominal areas. If you want to add more strength to your back muscles and if you are looking to strengthen the abdominals and thighs, then this exercise is perfect for you. Read on to learn more about this incredible exercise.

The criss cross crunches are variations of the standard bench crunches which have been used by people from all over the world since the mid-1970s. People have always used these exercises to build strong abdominal muscles. But in recent times, the craze has increased even more. The reason for this sudden surge in popularity is the sculpting ability that this exercise has got.

Criss Cross Bench Press 

The criss cross benches that you will use for your criss cross exercises are actually similar to the standard bench presses, except that they are executed on the floor. When you first start out with the exercise, you will have to spend a lot of time standing on the ground, balancing yourself on both your hands and knees while holding a dumbbell or a barbell. When you first start doing the standing crunches, your arms will be very weak and you will be able to do only five to eight crunches. The trick is to gradually increase the amount of time that you spend standing while slowly increasing the weight of the weights. Once you have reached your goal, you can start off with your legs.

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When you first start doing the criss cross exercise, you will notice that you burn about twice as many calories as you would normally. This is because your body will be using so much more muscle when you are standing on the floor. This extra muscular action is actually what burns the calories the most. It is also a lot more efficient since your body will not have to work as hard to move the weight from one place to another. This means that you will be burning a lot fewer calories overall. And if you can keep standing on the floor for at least sixty to ninety seconds after every one of the repetitions, then you will be burning even more calories than if you just kept standing!

Criss Cross With Leg Lifts 

The criss cross with leg lifts is an exercise that actually targets your core muscles. Your obliques and your middle back muscles are actually worked. This is because these two muscles are at the front of your hips. Bringing your legs up while you are doing this exercise, it helps to increase your metabolism. In addition, it helps to strengthen your core muscles, which are the muscles that help support your spine and your pelvis in their proper alignment.

Criss Cross With Rowing Machine 

You may be familiar with the rowing machine. If you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for a whole body fitness trainer, you can use the same machine to burn a bunch of calories without having to pay for a gym membership. This is a great way to tone your muscles without really having to worry about making a commitment to join a gym. The way that the crunches are done on the rowing machine is exactly the same as what you would do when you are doing them in the gym. Therefore, you will be able to achieve all of the same results with the rowing machine that you would with a treadmill, with the added benefit of burning fewer calories.

Another benefit of using a cross trainer when doing crunches is that you are less likely to over-train your body. When you do an exercise that you feel like you need to complete, you are more likely to push yourself to the point of injury. When you are doing crunches with the rowing machine, you do not have to push yourself as hard. You simply time your reps, and you do them as often as you are comfortable with. You will be less likely to overtrain your body when you are using this type of exercise equipment to burn calories.

Criss Cross With A Wall Mounted Rowing Machine 

Although using a wall-mounted rower will not provide you with as much resistance as a treadmill or elliptical, you will still be able to achieve a very intense workout. Since your legs are in a fixed position on the exercise machine, your heart rate is also in a constant mode. This will help to ensure that your body does not become tired as quickly, and it also provides you with a more consistent cardiovascular workout. As you can see, the benefits of working out with a cross-trainer are tremendous. The best part about this equipment is that it will save you money, while also providing you with an effective workout.

Lose Weight and Burn Calories 

One of my favorite ab workouts. In fact, it’s one of my favorites! Standing Cross Crunches are also known as standing low-ball crunches, cross torso crunch, or just plain crisscross crunches. They are great for working the lower abs, as well as your back. They are also very effective for getting rid of belly fat.

Regular Standing

These are different than regular standing cross crunches. The main difference is that you take a hold of either an open bar or a bench press bar with one of your hands. You will use the other hand to support yourself on the floor, with your elbows facing away from you. To do this, simply lift your legs straight off the floor, keeping your chest and upper arms straight (with the dumbbells parallel to the floor).

It targets the lower abdominal muscles, as well as oblique and deep core obliques. This is also great core strength and core workout because your lower abs act as a stabilizer for your back. It can help you avoid injury and protect your spine.

This exercise is the reverse of the standing leg criss-cross workout. The focus is on raising your torso off the floor and raising your legs in a crunch motion. When you raise your legs, you are engaging your core muscles and obliques. This is a great exercise to prevent injury and protect your spine.

For what purpose this exercise is designed?

These exercises are designed to build your abs and back, as well as shoulders and arms. They are great cardio workouts and provide a great foundation for a comprehensive abs exercise program. Cross planks are used to work the front deltoids and triceps. Because you are lifting so much weight, it is important to ensure that you are using proper form when doing these crunches.

This workout strengthens the front deltoids and triceps. To perform the plank lie flat on your back with your hands crossed above your head. You will then lift your legs and bring them together until they are at a right angle to your body. Slowly return your legs back to the start position. Do this for five reps. Do not bend your knees or hips during this exercise. Once you reach the end of the plank, you will notice that your waist size has decreased by a small amount.

Another great workout that will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles is to do a variety of push-up exercises. To begin this exercise, stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Place your palms on the floor about two feet apart and grip the dumbbells tight. Next, bring them slowly to your sides and repeat on the other side. This will work your back, as well as your abdominal muscles.

Oblique crunches

The final leg raise crunch exercise that we are going to discuss is the oblique crunches. To begin this exercise, stand with straight legs, and place your hands in the left oblique (laying across the top of your feet). If you were to crunch on the floor, your feet would be right foot forward, and your hands would be right hand on the right side. With your back straight, slowly lower yourself down, while making sure that your belly button is directly under your hip bone. Once you reach the bottom of your stomach, repeat with the other side.

In order to complete this exercise properly, it is important that your body maintains good posture throughout the exercise. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Also, make sure that your legs are at least six inches out from the floor, and that you are balancing your weight evenly on both of your feet.

There are many different variations of the planks that you can use when performing these crunches, and there are even more different ways to do them. For example, you can have a plank on your right side, and a plank on your left. You can also alternate back and forth between the two different planks, or even perform three planks in one sitting! By changing the angle of each plank, you are able to work more of your abdominal muscles, as well as your lower back.

You can go for Cross Trainer

Using a cross-trainer to burn off those extra calories can be a great way to easily reach your fitness goals, especially since they are so easy to do. With just thirty minutes a day, you can easily burn hundreds of extra calories without even trying. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your overall health, then using a cross-trainer will definitely be worth your time.

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