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What All International Students Should Know About UK Healthcare?

What All International Students Should Know About UK Healthcare?
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The UK is a country having an excellent UK healthcare system. If a student wants to study in the UK, he should not worry about any health concerns. The reason is that the country has an equal healthcare system provider “NHS”. The National Health Service (NHS) is providing uniform health services regardless of nationality. Hence, the international students will receive same healthcare as British citizens. So when going to the UK, the students need not worry about health care costs.

Is Insurance Necessary for Receiving Treatment?

Insurance is necessary when going abroad. It prevents the person from unforeseen general healthcare or mental health emergency. It makes the person less worrisome about the healthcare cost and its related concerns. International students when studying in the UK, most definitely need Insurance. They have to pay the cost of healthcare at the time of visa application. The insurance cost has to be paid by them to the NHS.

Why is Healthcare Insurance Important for International Students?

  • Receiving UK Healthcare insurance is essential before applying in the UK as a student.
  • NHS receives the payment of healthcare insurance.
  • NHS insurance provides international students access to quality care centres.
  • These care centres include hospitals, emergency rooms, private clinics, and treatment centres.
  • International students do not need to worry about the payment of medical bills.
  • The cost of healthcare insurance paid to NHS manages these medical bills.
  • A student can comfortably enjoy the study trip without payment of medical bills.
  • NHS equitably pays all medical bills of the international student.
  • The rationale for receiving healthcare insurance lies in the medical bills.
  • After obtaining Insurance, international students do not have to worry about medical bills.
  • The student is away from his home, and most probably has a shortage of money.
  • Therefore, medical bills should not affect the student’s learning process.

Who is eligible for NHS services?

The following criteria are necessary to ensure for receiving UK healthcare from the NHS;

  • Every international student is eligible for NHS services. However, they have to get registration from the said department of healthcare.
  • The registration application is to be submitted before arriving in the UK.
  • If the student is intending to live for more than six months, health insurance is highly important.
  • If the country is outside of the EU affiliation, it must have a bilateral agreement with the UK.
  • For one-year visa, the student has to pay €470 (StudyUK, 2021).
  • €940 is the healthcare insurance cost for a two-year student visa (StudyUK et al., 2021).

Documents Required to Get Registration from the NHS

The student has to submit a few documents. The documents require registration from the NHS to receive UK healthcare. The documents are given as follows;

  • Passport of a student.
  • Immigration documents.
  • Approval letter by the university for the confirmation of a student.
  • For renewing GP registration, the previous letter of approval.

UK Healthcare Services by the NHS to the International Students

NHS is providing many healthcare services. But health care is uniform for every resident of the country. Following are some of the healthcare facilities given by NHS;

  • General Practitioner (GP) services for every check-up. In the UK, GP is a Common Doctor who receives patients of every age. He/she is the first person who is providing treatment during the need of an hour. NHS will provide GP to the international student as well.
  • The international student will receive Emergency treatment. The treatment will cover every nature of the emergency.
  • A minor health problem that does not need a prescription.
  • The psychological treatments.
  • Treatment of every infectious disease.
  • Family planning services.
  • Treatment of a disease that is transferable from one person to another.
  • Provision of Family planning services as per with UK law.

Healthcare Services Need Payment from the International Students

According to a UK dissertation help firm, NHS does not provide some of the healthcare services. The international student will have to pay for the UK healthcare, including;

  • Optical care: Glasses, contact lenses, frames, or eye tests.
  • Dental care.
  • Doctor’s Prescription.

Can the International Student Receive Private Medical care?

The international student can receive private medical care. Private medical care is efficient, and effective as well. Moreover, the student can pay from the insurance cost. But the NHS’s services are satisfactory and speedy as well. There will be no need to get private care in the presence of the NHS. Medical care of NHS is given on an equality basis. It does not differentiate between the poor and rich.

Concerning the Welfare of the International Students

UK is a country that takes the welfare of its people and students very seriously. Welfare is also seriously observed in colleges and universities as well. If a student needs guidance on any health issue, the institute is available to provide services. The only thing needed is proper communicate. The communication can be done through the following means;

  • If you have concerns about the study programme, talk to the Tutor.
  • If you face any health concerns, talk to the welfare, or international student officer.

Arrangements in providing Safety to the International Students

  • One of the safest countries in the world is the UK.
  • It is safe because it has a low crime rate.
  • The efficient police force and strict following of the laws and regulations are ensured.
  • Gun crime rate is very low within the country.
  • UK law prohibits gun ownership.
  • Institutes have their own security and safety services for the students.
  • These security service providers patrol in the institutes.
  • They keep an eye on activities of the students when they are in the institute.
  • They provide knowledge and information as well on keeping safe within the institution.


If a person wishes to study in the UK, there is no need to worry about the UK healthcare costs and their related concerns. The UK has an excellent healthcare system. NHS is responsible for providing healthcare across the country. It is providing healthcare irrespective of colour, race, or nationality. NHS’s free healthcare comes from public funding. Its finance is generated from the taxations raised by its public. The Department of Health runs NHS. NHS also pays the healthcare cost. Healthcare is uniform across the country. Hence, it can be said that healthcare concerns are not an issue within the UK.

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