Why you should book a Black SUV car service for Thanksgiving in New York and New Jersey?

Why you should book a Black SUV car service for Thanksgiving in New York and New Jersey?
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As a national holiday in North America, Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year. Apart from celebrating the harvest season, this day aims to thank the blessings of the previous year.

At this event, people spot various resorts, have parties, get together, or hang out with friends. At present, more than half of Americans like to eat birds in the fried, baked, or roasted form. Other famous dishes on this special occasion include cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and stuffing. The most attractive part of this event is the parade. The Big Apple is the most famous spot in New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Americans made an annual pageant with a lot of floats, balloons, marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, loads of celebrities, and Broadway shows. Apart from participants, millions of spectators get attracted to this point. Those who can’t take part in this Parade, enjoy this gathering from television.

Similarly, Collingswood is another holiday Parade spot in the area. It happens every Saturday after Thanksgiving in New Jersey. This Parade lines up diverse entertainments that include live music, marching bands, holiday characters, dancers, giants on stilts, sports mascots, and floats. 

Why Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November?

The Fourth Thursday of November is fixed for Thanksgiving every year. History says that President Abraham Lincoln commanded the Americans to celebrate the last Thursday as a Thanksgiving every year. Since then, people have set it as a norm. NPR reports that two years in history had put the last Thursday at the fifth week. This gave birth to the problem of shopping for Christmas due to limited time. In addition, retailers get their business disturbed as December was too near. Therefore in 1941, Congress introduced the law to celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday.

Thanksgiving day is at doorstep again on 25 November 2021. We hear you are excited to make this day loaded with fun and celebrations. From parade to party, you may have different plans. Some Americans like to invite friends while others serve meals to the needy. You may have plans to visit a resort or a hotel with your friend. You do all these acts every year. Right?

Why don’t you think of a different idea this year? Whether you want to meet your friends or have dinner at Hornblower Cruises, try our black SUV car service. We know, you are thinking about how the black SUV car service in NYC can make Thanksgiving day memorable. Actually, it is a luxury SUV car service that packs every moment full of enjoyment. You know, how important this day is. It gets oven in soon.

People want to make every second of the Thanksgiving holiday memorable. But the question is how you can be thankful unlimitedly in this limited time? The answer is simple by saving time. Therefore, you need the best black SUV car service that is swift, smooth, and luxurious. Don’t skip your enjoyment even during the journey. This is possible when you travel worry-less.

Yes, it will be an exciting idea to move around New York or New Jersey in black car service.

Why do you need black SUV car service?

During the Thanksgiving holidays, you plan different events. Do you want to spend a night out with friends this year? That’s great! But safety always stays at first because this night has a lot of people hanging out. So, it’s sensible to pick a car service with excellent transportation arrangements. You can reach the party venue in our Escalade car service on time.

Now, get ready for the venue with style and safety.  Additionally, multiple locations are famous that people like to visit at this special event. New Yorkers find Thanksgiving a good time to head out to The Wick, Mohonk Mountain House, Sound View Hotel, The Adelphi Hotel, and other similar places.

Our black SUV car service is instrumental in serving you throughout New York. We support you for adventure and meet up your plans. We are always ready to pick you before time so you find every second joyfully. You know, a lot of plans line up at this special event. Therefore, our luxury SUV car service remains functional accordingly. From the beach to the woods, we are ready to pick you.

Another location where we are active in North America is New Jersey. It’s Thanksgiving so you can head out to Congress Hall, Asbury Ocean Club, Monmouth Museum, Battleship New Jersey Museum, and Memorial. Moreover, your destination may be the Historic Red Mill Museum that is located in Clinton and is famous for the Winter Village and Festival of Trees. We help to head out to you where you want.

Another aspect of our black SUV car service is airport transfer. Would you like to pick up your guests at Thanksgiving while waiting so long? Of course not. We perform this duty on your behalf very beautifully. Our chauffeurs are professional to pick up your guests from the New York airport and drop them at the specified location. Alternatively, you can join us to pick your guest. Our drivers will drive while you can have a chit-chat with the guest.

Our final statement

Collectively, Thanksgiving is a norm that brings excitement to Americans. Therefore, people strive to make this day memorable. As a result, we have introduced a black SUV car service to meet your plans.

We promise that you will find us on time with an amazing and luxurious riding experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book our black SUV car service right now and make Thanksgiving memorable than ever before.


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