Top 7 Money-Saving Websites for UK College/University Students

Top 7 Money-Saving Websites for UK College/University Students
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Only a few students can afford to live a lavish life while studying at UK universities. But, for most, it is crucial to look for ways to save money to survive university.

We have great news for students who make it to the end of the month by saving pennies. We will give you a list of websites that you can use to save some money on various things.

We know that while studying, there are a million ways that your money will be spent. But there are also a million ways to save money. And since your university life will be a lot about the internet and websites (buying groceries, books, paying bills, etc.) So, we are going to tell you about some websites which will work wonderfully in your favour.

So, let’s get started on the list of websites that will help in saving your money.


This website was developed by a Plymouth graduate who struggled to save money during university, so he developed Gimmea to offer discounts, blogs, buying guides, and amazing ideas to make student life cheaper yet more meaningful. The website is built on an incentive and reward scheme. The University of Plymouth also created, and it also serves to provide money-saving ideas to students and for academic writing assistance the very affordable service is do my assignment for me UK that student use without a second thought.

You can call it the magical well of rewards and discounts for students because this website has everything you can name. You name it, and the website has it. The best thing is that this website is free and can get you discounts from the latest fashion items to tech. The stuff on is affordable and durable.

This website is not specifically for students, but it is still a great site to help you in saving money. 

Its value is unmatchable when it comes to saving some money in terms of paying the phone bill, utility bills, travel costs (both domestic and international), insurance, restaurants, shopping, etc. 

There are thousands of discounts available on this website for you to choose from. You can save thousands of pounds if you use this site in the long run.

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This website is like other websites as it also offers discounts on everyday items and other things. But, a great thing about the website is that it offers freebies and competitions to students to win amazing prizes. It also shows the most recent news from the education world. Furthermore, you can also earn money with this site by becoming a product tester in your spare time. The website is a complete package for making and saving money. You can buy anything from this site at a discount, from coffee to clothes and from tech to sanitary items.

Furthermore, students who suffer stressful times with extensive research writings usually hire dissertation help for a unique and quality papers from highly skilled writers.

The website will provide you with discounts and vouchers, but there is a catch. The catch Is that you will have to buy the website’s membership and pay a small fee to avail all the vouchers and codes. But NUS is popular to provide jaw-dropping discounts across the board. You can even get an Amazon student account at a 50% discount or get 10% off on a co-op purchase so that you have some variety in your daily food. So, it would be best if you did not think of the membership fee as an expense; instead, think of it as an investment.

The biggest expense that students bear is of books, articles, journals, reports, and various other reading materials. The recommended course can be super expensive, and that is why you need this website. On this website, you can swap your unwanted books with the books you need, or you can also bargain and bid on books that you will need later on. This way you can get your books without spending a fortune on them.

This website is amazing to have vouchers for high-street shops, and you can also find life changing blogs that can help you in rocking your student life. In addition, it will give you tips and tricks on maintaining your sanity while the university is trying to take it away from you (pun intended). However, the best thing about the website is that you can enjoy all this for free.


The websites we discussed are some of the best grossing sites in the UK to help you in saving money. 

In the long run, these websites can help you greatly in saving thousands of pounds which you can save for rainy days or use them for anything you like.

Have fun on these websites by getting your hands on special discount codes, vouchers, rewards, freebies, and other fun things.

But, as a student, you should not take the opportunity to save money for granted because it will be useful to you in the future.

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