Straw Cowboy hat for men-Do you know how to choose one?

Straw Cowboy hat for men-Do you know how to choose one?
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The straw cowboy hat for men confirms a trend that has been growing for several years now. After Indiana Jones’ fedora, then Brad Pitt’s rebellious cap and finally Ryan Gosling boys’ baseball cap, it is the turn of the masculine and virile straw hat to seduce the stars.

A straw cowboy headgear protects your head from the sun’s rays while allowing air to pass through. This is the ideal hat for the summer season to keep a cool head. Nevertheless, you still have to know how to choose and wear whether you prefer the wide-brimmed straw Panama hat, the Trilby, or even the boater hat.

Here are a few simple tips so that you do not lose your mind when choosing the summer straw hat.

  • The straw cowboy hat, male summer hit

At first glance, it would seem that all men could wear this type of summer hat. However, you must orient yourself towards and respect your morphology. An oval face can accommodate all types of hats, while a square or round face is sometimes less obvious to capote. A fine face supports a hat with a small brim. On the other hand, a round face is refined under a wide-brimmed hat.

  • The straw hat to enhance your silhouette

In fact, Mens straw cowboy hats must balance the face and the silhouette. If you are rather short, avoid very wide hats, and roll up the edges on the sides to stretch your silhouette. If you are tall, a wide-brimmed hat may be suitable. You will still avoid the sombrero or the beach hat, especially if you take public transport.

  • Take the big head

Choosing a cowboy hat also requires knowing its size and head circumference. Take a tape measure and measure where your titfer should be placed. Start from the forehead to the back of the head passing just above the ears. The sizes of male headwear range from 53 to 65 centimeters. If you fall between two sizes, choose the larger one. It will be easier to adapt it to your measurements.

Which straw hat for which style of man

The secret to choosing and wearing a cowboy straw hat well is to adapt it to your style. Whether you are a casual, vintage or urban man, you will find the hat that suits you, in its straw version. It is up to you to harmonize it with your outfit of the day to display your personality and your style without complex.

The king of straw hats for men: Cowboy

This timeless hat is ideal for men in summer. The one we come across most often. We often have the image of a cowboy hat that we wear with a white or very light suit. The most common versions are black, beige and white, sometimes, belted with a dark ribbon. The real straw cowboy hat is made of vegetable fibers and braided by hand. This is what gives it its flexibility and lightness. It can bend to fit in your pocket. 

Braided straw Trilby hat, bohemian chic

Men love this little hat. The Trilby gives your outfits a really casual and cool style, but with a lot of elegance. Its edges are not very wide, it is round and its crown is rather low and flexible. It is slightly raised rear edge gives it a lot of charm. This little straw hat has the advantage of being suitable for almost all body types. This is probably also the reason why it is so popular. 

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The boater always in tune with the times

Of course, this funny little straw headgear reminds us of the gondoliers of Venice or Maurice Chevalier. Its cap and edges are flat, and it is usually adorned with a ribbon. Its oval shape allows it to be worn straight or slightly inclined to the side and to the front. This traditional male hat has become the emblem of sports clubs.

Three tips for taking care of your straw hat

A straw cowboy hat must remain moist so that the fibers do not become brittle. The idea is to humidify it with the help of an atomizer, about twice a week. Do not grab a straw hat by the crown to take it off. Grab it by the edges instead. Avoid resting your hat on the edges at the risk of flattening them. Put it on the crown. If you have a hat rest, that is even better.

In the end

The light cowboy straw hat is very popular. However, putting on a natural cowboy straw hat has never been so trendy. The men’s hat is making a stylish comeback in our modern men’s wardrobe. Do not think that it is the preserve of young people and athletes. In fact, all men love to wear it. Dive head first into our selection. You will find hats for men of all brands to satisfy you.


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