6 Reasons to use Videos for Online Courses 2022

6 Reasons to use Videos for Online Courses 2022
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With the growing technology, education is no more limited to textbooks and conventional classrooms. With the better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, online courses are the new preferences for educators and learners. To provide students with a quality education via virtual classes, the audio and visual tool that is a video helps in several ways. In today’s time, there is a tough competition going on among e-learning course creators. To make online courses successful in 2022, creators must make lesson videos for students. Let us read its benefits.

Reasons to use videos in online courses

1. For better course promotion

To make an online course successful, make it reach the maximum audience, and expand sales, effective promotion is important. There is a cut-to-cut competition going on in the learning field, and for better promotion of your course this year, videos help. Only using written texts, emails, and templates for course promotion is not quite effective and impressive.

However, when online course creators use promotional videos, it helps to grab the audience’s attention better. The mix of audio and visuals, the theme of the video, and showing your online course services help in better promotion. Educators can post this promotional video on the online course selling website, different social media platforms, and more.

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2. Adds to the quality of study material

Online courses are known for the study material they create. Students prefer online courses because of the effective study content they get here. Only ebooks, reading PDFs and online practice exercises are not enough to make online courses effective. When videos are added to the study material, it becomes more meaningful and impactful for students. Recorded lectures and videos can be made on all academic subjects. These videos can be uploaded on the course website, with the education app being used to send students’ respective email addresses. This increases the sales of asynchronous online learning programs too.

3. Flexibility

For conventional methods teachers and students have to travel to a particular institute for physical education. There is a set time and location. Sometimes this becomes inconvenient for both teachers and students. However, video-based teaching and learning provide better flexibility. Teachers can make videos and record lectures from anywhere and at any time.

After recording, they can upload it on the app or educational site for students to use. Similarly, students at any preferred time and from convenient places can learn. With the help of a network and networking device, these course videos can be accessed easily. This makes sure that students’ education never stops and provides them with a self-paced learning experience too.

4. Better course selling

As we discussed above, there is a tough competition going on in online education. Platforms to create and sell online courses are increasing at a faster rate. In this competitive sector, to make your online course the first preference of all, giving special academic services to students is important. When online courses provide lesson videos and recorded lectures on all subjects, students become more interested in your course. This video feature will help you to get more enrollments and make the online course financially successful.

5. Provide students with an effective academic understanding

An online course is said to be successful when it’s able to provide students with a proper academic understanding. When teachers use only textbooks to teach, it becomes difficult for students to understand the theoretical and applicative course subjects. However, when students get videos to watch, their academic understanding is boosted. Students can watch the videos as many times as they want. Re-watching, pausing, forward, and other such features help students to relate to the topics better.

6. Improves live classes qualities

Other than providing videos in the study material, teachers can use the same in online live classes too. With the screen share option of the educational app, teachers can play lesson videos in the class. This will make students more attentive and concentrated in the classes. With the help of visuals, audio, and pictures students will understand and relate to the lessons more. This will improve students’ participation and engagement in online classes to a great extent.


With the advancements in science and technology, online education platforms are increasing rapidly. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the benefits of using videos in online courses this year. This will help online course creators to provide students with a better learning experience and ensure success.

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