Your Guide to Exercising with Weighted Vests

Your Guide to Exercising with Weighted Vests
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In the case where you’ve struggled with switching around your exercises to accomplish a higher level of strength and muscle growth, a weighted vest designed for training might be a perfect choice. They give you almost endless ways to improve your workouts and in the end you final results, be it speed, explosiveness or strength.

Weighted vests add resistance through added weight to your total bodyweight, and they can be utilized for a lot of high impact movements like running, functional training, sports optimization and even skipping. They can correspondingly be utilized with steady and static exercises like the ones found in gymnastics and calisthenics.

In the event that you’re new to this product, a weighted vest is basically what the name proposes. It looks like a basic piece og clothing or fishing vest, only with pockets to add blocks or bags of heavy and dense material like iron or sand. How much the total weight of the vest scales, is for the most part, from around 1-30kg.

Weighted vests contradict from a normal backpack on your back, because they spread the load it holds equaly around your torso.

Wearing weighted vests during your preferred bodyweight based exercises, pays off with amazing results faster than most expect. Take a look at your favorite professional athlete and how they train, and you will most likely find them wearing a weighted vest for some of their basic performance based drills. Find more information around the topic here.

Results are proven

Advantages of utilizing weighted vests have been studied widely. The more you really need to push during a new development, the harder your body needs to work and the more energy the improvement requires.

One study showed that individuals wearing a vest with an extra 10% of their body weight added throughout their training burned a higher number of calories than those not wearing any weight and also compared to those  arrying just 5% of their body weight.

Weight source

Besides from the other adjustable options that differ from vest to vest. A couple of vests offer only a fixed level of weight, where plates or blocks can’t be added or removed, because they are sewn into the vest, while others have spaces in which loads can be added or taken out generally without any problem.

A couple of vests have a full size plate loading design, where the plates only can be added 5-10kg at a time. These are generally sold independently from the vest at high cost. Some are specifically designed plates, while others have traditionally weight plates to be added.

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Which weighted vest can we recommend

The KINETIK VX1 is very versatile for strengthening exercises, running, and skipping. Though small and compact in it’s design, it will fit all normal sized adults, in fact the bigger the person the better the fit will be since the purpose of the weight vest will stay the same and the weight won’t change.

Any chance you’re searching for a vest for running, strolling, or climbing, then this style of design will be what you are searching. It is extremely versatile and flexible and it will basically become one with you own body and center of mass. The KINETIK VX1 design and size makes it a suitable fit for a great number of different sizes of both men and women.


KINETIK VX1 comes with a low profile design that can be strapped tight, so that the stack of blocks are so near your body, that it even permits you to do explosive exercises, like burpees and jumping squats, without the vest moving around.

It has a thick padding around the shoulders making sure that the wearer will feel comfortable throughout every session, even when these stretch to 1-2 hours long.


Adding a vest with weight will in general insulate the body and keep heat in, which can be exhausting in extra warm conditions. Having material that wicks away moisture or has breathable material to deal with this can be amazing.


Once more weighted vests can be worn in a great deal of scenarios. If you’ve chosen that you’re wearing it to run, you’ll be required to lower the weight resistance in the vest, compared to somebody who is utilizing it for solid strength or hypertrophy training and bodybuilding.

Adjustability is a sure must, and it is exactly what makes a fully scalable vest ideal when you might be including it for various exercises. You’ll have the decision to add in or take out blocks to fit you performance and workout program.

Two weighted vest workouts


Start with your hands shoulder-width apart or somewhat wider for greater back activation.

Pull your chest up toward the bar while squeezing and rotating your shoulder blades together. Keep your head and neck centered and relaxed during the entire movement as you pull yourself towards the bar. When your chin reaches over the bar, begin to lower yourself towards the starting point of the pullup where your body is hanging completely stretched from the bar.

If you find it too challenging to get to the bar, try the negative pullups, where you begin at the top of the exercise where your chin is above the bar, to then start lowering yourself down. Repeat this exercise with sets and reps for gaining the strength to complete and actual pullup in the future.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Bend your hips and knees to lower down your body like plunking down into a seat.

Stop when your thighs become concurred with the ground (or lower on the off chance that you can advance forward), squeeze your thighs and push upward to get back to the standing position.

Keep your center of gravity between your lower back and forefoot (ideally before your lower leg joint). Your heels ought to stay in touch with the ground all through the entire movement.

Keep your middle straight as you lower yourself. Make sure your shoulders, knees, and feet are straight and aligned with one another.

For more workout routines consider visiting KINETIK’s website here.

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