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The Ultimate Guide on how to Improve Your Cognitive Performance

The Ultimate Guide on how to Improve Your Cognitive Performance
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Having and maintaining strong cognitive function and skills is not only for school age children or college students, it’s a lifelong practice that benefits humans even into their old age. Building and improving upon your own cognitive performance is  a vital routine that should be implemented into everyday life. Our brains are one of the most complex and miraculous organs in our body, allowing us to feel, think, make decisions, and enjoy living. To continue being able to solve problems and fulfill daily tasks it is critical that we pay attention to our cognitive condition and flex its muscle each day. Learning new skills, having social interactions, playing brain games, sleeping well, and many more habits help us strengthen our cognition. This ultimate guide on how to improve your cognitive performance will show you everything you need to know to keep a sharp mind. 

Play Brain Games

Playing brain games is a fun and simple way to practice building cognitive performance. It is akin to learning new skills and stimulates the neurons in our brain. Games like chess, solitaire, memory games, puzzle cubes, word searches, sudoku, and more aid in gaining brain vitality. To play games you are required to use various cognitive functions thus building your cognitive performance.  

Have a Social Circle

If you’re an introvert it’s easy to shy away from social interactions, but having a social circle, or at the least daily social interactions is key in building cognitive performance. Building relationships and navigating the throes of friendships keeps our brains stimulated, increases joyful feelings, and reduces stress. This is a potent combination for cultivating a healthy brain and building a happier life and mindset. 

Sleeping Well

Many individuals underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep each night is the solution to a myriad of health issues including cognitive decline. Proper sleep helps induce energy in the body, focus in the brain, and overall health. It is recommended that both men and women should be getting at least 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night and women may need even more than men. 

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy has the power to change the way our brain works. If your brain is feeling slow and foggy, it could be due to poor gut health. Countless studies have shown the connection between the gut and the brain and feelings of euphoria or depression. What we eat each day plays a monumental role in how we think and make decisions. Begin boosting your cognitive performance by introducing healthy foods such as seeds, nuts, legumes, and berries. 


Peptides have become of increasing interest to researchers studying their effects on brain health. Studies completed on mice, revealed an increase in learning capacity when using the peptide Selank, a brain peptide. Another peptide, Semax, was studied in mice and found a strong correlation between brain function and brain regulation. 

Learn New Skills

Learning new skills is a practical way to improve cognitive performance. Every new skill learned from birth even to old age fires up the neurons in the brain and keeps your brain moving so to speak. Learning new skills shouldn’t stop after graduating with a diploma or degree but should be incorporated into everyday life. Whether you’re learning a new recipe, learning to build a shed, or learning a new language on a conversational level, the experience of learning revitalizes the brain. 

Eliminate Stress

Stress is a large contributor to cognitive decline. It is critically necessary that stress is managed and eliminated altogether if possible in order to maintain the most optimized state of mind and healthy brain possible. Stress and anxiety are killers of health physically and mentally. Take advantage of self-care opportunities and therapy if it is available. Taking control of your mental and emotional state will impact your cognitive performance in significant ways, making it crucial to get help in unbearably stressful circumstances. 

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Stay active

Physical fitness and exercise can help stimulate brain function because exercise creates a healthy body and a healthy body is typically an indicator of a healthy mind. Exercise also plays a major role in relieving stress and reducing depressive episodes. 

Incorporating and practicing new habits to improve your cognitive performance doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Make it a part of your everyday life and you’ll find your brain’s capacity for learning, problem solving, and decision making evolving in positive ways. Start today with whatever resources you have and build upon your progress to create a strong mind with strong cognition. From playing brain games, eating healthy, exercising and much more, your growing  cognitive performance will improve your quality of life. 

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