Four low-profile and high-class nail colors

Four low-profile and high-class nail colors
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The new year period, for girls, having to change new hair, buy new clothes, and do newfingernails, has become a new meaning of the New Year. 

In terms of doing nail art, it not only makes you look stronger but can additionally change a mood. Although the New Year is joyful and happy, it is not necessary to have fancy nail art to set it off. And on the contrary, sometimes, simple nail art can look very high-class. 

Today I will show some simple and good-looking nail art to those who are not sure which nail art to choose.

  1. Big red flower nail art 

This galglitter nail polish is a nail art with a New Year’s atmosphere, using the same color schemeof bright red and rice cream or big red flowers. It is not a striking bright red; although the tone is dark, the gloss is also very good. In addition, this kind of bright red is also white, not picking skincolor. 

Although its color scheme is simple, the pattern design is simple but not single, and overall very suitable for the autumn and winter season. 

Two, gradient color toffee nail art 

The nail is a very good match with woolen clothes. This one is caramel brown, and the caramel

brown tone is also very lined with skin color, very white color. This one is actually easier than thelast one and belongs to the perfect type of nail art, which instantly raises the gentle aura. Withno pattern design, you can DIY a nail at home, buy the same class color, gradient color part canalso immediately buy the same nail polish, or you can use the cat’s eye stone. 

Three, French style nude pink nail art 

When it comes to gentle and soft, of course, naturally, there should be a nude nail system; this one French style nude pink nail built-in a neat aura, using the nude pink nail polish inside, andthen the gold path stroke, neither too easy too simple, very layered. It must be noted that nudenail polish is also generally not colored, so it must be painted cumulatively; the actual effect of three layers up and down is best; if the fingernails are not longer, the scope of the gold edge does not have to be painted very largely. This one fingernail on the more travel course, there has beenno coating of feeling, like easy course can try it! 

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Four, lotus root powder with color grinding yarn nail 

The nails that loves matte nails can pick the gauze nails, and this one is galglitter nude pink, beans and red color scheme, suitable for the atmosphere of autumn and winter, the color scheme is very gentle and not wrong as all nails is frosted, it makes more modern sense, except for themiddle thumb, all other full coatings. The middle thumb is bright red and nude pink color gradient, plus the gold foil, and the sun shines under the very fairy, but also a little light luxury feeling. 

Five, milk tea store gold foil nails art 

It is a very good match for the nails; although not pink, the champagne color has a kindof registration to participate in the celebration of the feeling, very atmospheric and new. The key part of it is the halo of gold foil, and they can try to do it themselves, using the background color; nude colors are able to because a little more transparent shades show gold foil. You must also dipthe halo glue into the red bean paste nails polish to halo and aggravate part of the tone, then addgold foil and fine glitter on it. You can also set several diamonds, but not necessarily every one of them, to have a kind of irregular art beauty.

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