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How to choose the right corner sofa?

It’s decided, for your living room, you need a right corner sofa! In order not to make a mistake in your choice, follow our few tips before buying it.

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You can already imagine it in its corner, perfectly installed as if it had always been there, in your living room: your future corner sofa promises you unparalleled moments of relaxation, provided you have chosen it well. To do this, a few criteria should be taken into consideration to be sure to make a wise purchase:

Define the location of the corner sofa

This is obviously the first criterion to study before buying your sofa! By choosing its location in your living room, imagine its angle, that is to say, the meridian part of the sofa, and visualize whether it would be better placed on the left or on the right. In rooms of moderate size, the question is quickly answered: it will be a question of marrying a corner of the room, taking care not to clutter the passage, for maximum open space. In large living rooms, the angle could possibly be used to structure the room, so it will be necessary to think carefully about its position in relation to the furniture already present to maintain the fluidity of circulation.

→ Good to know: the angle to the left or to the right of a sofa is determined by facing it.

What size for a corner sofa?

The size of your corner sofa also depends on the space you have in your living room and you will have to be careful once again not to overload the room. A small corner sofa will be no less cozy and you can in any case enjoy its chaise longue – the real plus of the L-shaped sofa. Those who enjoy a large living room can opt for wider seats. for optimal comfort or for a U-shaped sofa, ideal for large families. Note that there are models of modular corner sofas, which you can compose yourself: you can therefore add elements as you wish, according to your desires and your needs.

What uses for a corner sofa?

The use of your corner sofa will also guide your choice. If you do not have a guest bedroom, for example, you will surely have to choose a convertible corner sofa which will provide additional and often very comfortable sleeping arrangements. Likewise, for small apartments, a storage box located under the seats will be highly appreciated. Other options are also available such as shelves at each end or a storage niche under the armrests: it’s up to you to choose those that will be most useful to you.

What style of corner sofa to choose?

Last, and not least, your corner sofa should fit perfectly into the decor of your living room designed by Ottoman beds. Due to its large size, it will indeed be the focal point of the room, so it is it who will set the tone: no question of choosing it lightly. You’re in luck, now there are all styles! It will be easy for you to find a vintage or Scandinavian corner sofa, with wooden legs and fabric cushions in the color of your choice, but also a leather corner sofa for more contemporary interiors or a sofa for more. angle with a designer look to assert the originality and modernity of your interior.

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Leather sofa: choose it well
For a good leather sofa, there are four rules to follow to the letter. The leather, its thickness, structure, and price.

You are lost in the jungle of sofa merchants and no longer know how to orient yourself to choose your future sofa …

The first idea is to know the dimensions and the arrangement you want to give to your room with your new sofa or your new sofas. In general, I would rather recommend leather sofas, which are easier to maintain than fabric sofas. Even if, and I can hear you already, “leather is cold in winter and hot in summer”. Well no!

For some leather sofas with high-end leather processing, you won’t have this concern. For example, make sure that your sofa is not made of PVC or by cast (imitation leather) because for once, it sticks and nothing is more unpleasant. Your dimensions are taken, you are now hesitating among several leather sofas.

Here are my tips; they can be applied to your future sofa but also corner sofa, relax sofa, etc.

  1. The sofa must be 100% leather. Ban sofas in leather + split leather, leather + by cast (it’s split leather with plastic wrap), leather + PVC (commonly called plastic, yes this unfortunately also exists on sofas …), and all compositions that do not explicitly state 100% leather sofa over the entire sofa. The sides and back are as important as the rest of the sofa. If your sofa is not all leather, the general rendering of the sofa will not be uniform and it is even possible that the split leather (or by cast or PVC) is not the same color or the same grain as the leather.
  2. The sofa should be solid wood. Avoid tropical woods, sofas whose structure is made of reconstituted wood only (particleboard, plywood, chipboard, etc.). A good sofa frame is the guarantee of the longevity of your leather sofa.
  3. The sofa must be covered with “real” leather. Avoid too thin leathers. Too thin leather (less than 1.3 mm) is leather that has been cut in the direction of thickness in order to make split leather (for the lower part) and low-end leather (for the part upper). My opinion is that too fine leathers are used by some manufacturers to use the same skin twice and make very low-end sofas.
  4. The sofa must have a price. A reassuring price, a guarantee of quality. Quality has a price for everything and this is also the case for your future sofa. A 100% leather sofa should cost you 1,000 euros minimum and 2,500 euros maximum. A cheaper sofa is a low-end sofa whose quality has been trimmed to lower the price. An overpriced sofa is a poorly negotiated sofa or a sofa whose services are sold too expensive.

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