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Best Meditation Apps For A Moment Of Calm

Best Meditation Apps For A Moment Of Calm
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2020 was full of surprises for everyone and 2021 is also running ahead in the race of surprises. Therefore, self-care has become a priority for all of us who have been juggling all day long. From working from home to planning to get shots of vaccines, it has been too much for our mental health.

One thing that can help us in these tough times is Meditation. Meditation is really effective and cheap way to balance our mental health. And the best part about meditation is that we don’t have to learn it, we can self-coach ourselves by learning some key techniques. In this blog, I have listed the 7 best meditation apps for a moment of calm loaded with self-coach strategies and techniques for beginners and professionals. So, let’s get started.

7 Best Meditation Apps for a Moment of Calm

1. Calm


Ratings: 4.8

Price: Free

If you are having problems concentrating, having anxious thoughts, or having stress, Calm is the best meditation app for you. Calm is loaded with guided meditations which help you in focusing. It is also loaded with a variety of tools with the use of different modalities that helps users to stay connected and centered throughout the day. The best part I loved about Calm is that it has really impressive meditation catalog.

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2.Headspace: Meditation & Sleep


Ratings: 4.9

Price: Free

Headspace is specially designed for those who experience a lot of worries throughout the day or for people who are unable to manage their to-do lists throughout the day. Headspace is designed in such a way that it will surely become your best buddy after some days. This app is loaded with sleep meditations, wind-down practices, and breathing exercises which helps in keeping your mental health intact. Moreover, the screen can be dimmed so that you don’t feel irritated with the blaring or bright light.



Ratings: 4.8

Price: $4.99 (iOS) & $3.99 (Android)

No matter how stressed or anxious you are feeling right now, all you have to do is to grab a minute from your to-do’s and take the help from this amazing app. Even if you are boarding a plane, dealing with negative thoughts, or taking a walk, this app is always ready to help you. This app is easy to use and the best part I loved about this app is that you can create your own meditation practice wheel.

4.Insight Timer


Ratings: 4.9

Price: Free

Insight Timer is one of the most efficient meditation apps as it is loaded with more than 45k free guided meditation. I know, right how huge it is! Its free content is one of the best parts about it. Moreover, you can also filter content according to your needs like stress, self-esteem, and sleep. Not only this, but users can also join the community for free wherein they teach how to be mindful.

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5.Ten Percent Happier Meditation


Ratings: 4.8

Price: Free

Ten Percent Happier Meditation App is based on a famous news anchor of ABC’s Dan Harris’s popular book. This app teaches users how to meditate in more fun, easy, and accessible manner. This app is designed for everyone (especially for kids and beginners). It also helps people who think that they cannot do meditation or they are not the “meditation kinds.” This app teaches users how to live in the moment with the help of meditation. As a user, you can listen to the short go-to meditations which are specially designed for people with busy schedules. It basically connects you with nature.



Ratings: 4.9

Price: Free

If you are a busy person with an overloaded schedule, this app only asks you to spare 5 minutes from your schedule. This app provides 5 minutes of meditation which helps you feel grounded. As the name implies, Unplug is specially designed to excel in guided meditations. But, it also provides self-direct meditations with ambient sounds and unobtrusive timers. It helps users to re-focus again on the workday and feel grounded. This app provides you 30-day challenge wherein the goal is to make mediation a habit for the long run. Isn’t it exciting? It means this app is full of advantages with zero disadvantages.

7.Simple Habit


Ratings: 4.8

Price: Free

It does not matter if you are a beginner or professional, have meditation goals or not, this app is specially designed to increase your self-confidence, get over a breakup, learn mindfulness, and shake off anxiety. Simple Habit is not only an app but a library of guided meditations. One of the best things I loved about this app is that it provides an offline platform as well wherein you can learn mindfulness with full accessibility but sadly it is only available for premium subscribers. Moreover, this app also provides special guided meditations for overcoming stress and panic attacks within a few minutes.

I hope this blog helps you in finding the best meditation apps for a moment of calm. Try these apps and review them accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

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