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5 Natural Predators of Cockroaches You Can Keep As Pets: Roach Killing Pets

5 Natural Predators of Cockroaches You Can Keep As Pets: Roach Killing Pets
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Do you know that instead of using cockroach gel baits you can keep some pets to kill pests? Nevertheless, some people still prefer using advion gel as the ultimate solution of pest control. It is because they fear the troubles associated with keeping such pets as predators. In any case, you can still keep the following 5 small and easy-to-train pets in your home that can help you eliminate roaches. See how chameleons target cockroaches like a Pro.

What are Natural Predators?

In nature, predators prey on smaller and weaker animals than themselves. These predators are carnivorous animals that feed on other animals’ flesh and blood. This natural biological phenomenon is utilized to control household pests naturally.

Which animals eat roaches?

Cockroaches are full of nutrients and are generously packed with proteins. Not only animals but also many humans are eating cockroaches as proteinaceous food. Natural predators of roaches are lizards, chameleons, mice, rats, birds, toads and frogs. Amongst them, cats and dogs also chase and kill cockroaches but do not eat them. Moreover, house ants feed on dead bodies of cockroaches and the bigger ones can fight and kill small cockroaches.

Choose any of the 5 Roach Killing Pets:

#1 Mice and Rats:

Mice and Rats belong to the group of rodents that have two pairs of incisor teeth. The major difference between the two is size with mice being smaller and slender exhibiting long tails. Whereas rats are shorter, fluffier, and heavier possessing small thick tails. Both of the animals prefer living in homes and eating almost everything they find. Cockroaches being so tasty are their favorite food. Therefore, you can keep small mice or rats as your pets and predators for roaches if you love them.

#2 Cats:

Cats are almost everyone’s favorite pets. Cats not always but often prefer eating cockroaches. Otherwise, they love to chase, stab, and play with their moribund bodies. You can keep some cats or kittens in your home to naturally reduce the cockroach population.

#3 Chameleons:

Chameleons are not easy to keep pets but are very clever and expert predators. If you can give sufficient time and training to your chameleons, they will be your best allies in combating cockroaches. They can move both eyes independently in different directions to find hiding cockroaches. Also, their long sticky tongue can capture them in seconds. Another exciting feature of your pet chameleons is they can hide anywhere by changing their body colors. Thus, keeping a chameleon will not only aid you in eradicating cockroaches but also in capturing other flying insects.

#4 Birds:

Birds also like to eat small insects and bugs like ants, baby cockroaches, flies, and worms. Parrots, peacocks, hens, ducks, doves, and pigeons all are fond of chasing and eating cockroaches. Thus, you can keep any of these birds to get rid of small insects in your home and garden.

#5 Toads and Frogs:

Toads and frogs are very popular predators of cockroaches. They also exhibit a long sticky tongue that helps them to catch any insect sitting far away from it. Its careful observation and agility helps it attack right at the stop. Moreover, these pets do not require much time, training, care, and love. They can live on their own while benefiting you alot in eradicating flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and gnats.

Is there any easy way to kill cockroaches other than having pets?

Some cockroaches can fly while others crawl real fast. That is why it might be difficult for a pet as predator to give 100% pest control results. Occasionally, you may find cockroaches escaping your pet approach or emerging late at night when the animals are sleeping. In that case, you need a perfect solution that is harmless, accessible, and easy to use. You might have heard people using advion cockroach gel UAE to eradicate cockroaches at an exponential rate. This trending advion gel is available from various online stores like Pest Control Shop. You can get the original advion cockroach gel UAE online at quite an affordable price. It is easy to use indoors and outdoors and can target every roach species. The potent chemical used in this advion gel only targets VSSC of cockroaches’ CNS and is harmless to human beings. Moreover, it is a pet-friendly option.

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