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Important Questions to Ask Your Denture Repair Company

Important Questions to Ask Your Denture Repair Company
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Dentures generally have a long life span (5-10 years), but accidents do happen, and emergency denture repairs might be needed. Repairing dentures is a complicated process that requires the services of an expert/denture technician who knows what they are doing and has the proper tools. The right denture repair company will ensure that not only are your damaged dentures fixed, but they fit properly. So how can you know if a denture repair company is right for you? Here are some important questions you should ask a denture repair company before entrusting them with your denture repairs.

What kind of repair services do you offer?

This should be the first question you ask a denture repair company, especially since there are different types of denture repairs depending on the nature of the problem. Also, while most damages or issues with dentures can be repaired by many companies, there are some cases when completely replacing your dentures is the best option. Bear in mind that it may be very difficult for even the most experienced and highly skilled denture technician to fix certain types of damage, such as severely cracked dentures.

The right denture repair company will carefully assess the damage and let you know if your dentures can be repaired or if a total replacement would be a better option. Reach out to a reputable denture specialists such as The Denture Shop for advice on new dentures and repairs.

Will the repairs affect the lifespan of my dentures?

Typically dentures can last up to 10 years, and if done properly, getting repairs on them shouldn’t affect their lifespan. A professionally done denture repair can even add to the lifespan of your dentures.

Can I make minor adjustments and repairs myself?

A lot of denture wearers believe that only severe damages require the services of a denture repair company. Do not be one of them! Attempting to repair your dentures by yourself with either home supplies or DIY kits can seriously damage your dentures and even harm your health. Any damage (minor or severe) to your denture should be handled by a certified denture repair company where a properly trained technician can reconstruct and fix the denture with the right tools.

How long will it take to repair my dentures?

As a denture wearer, it can be very uncomfortable not wearing them because they have to be repaired, so asking your denture repair company if they can deliver quality repairs within a short period of time is important. However, bear in mind that each denture repair is unique and can take anywhere from a few hours to as long as two weeks.

How much do your repairs cost?

The cost of denture repairs usually depends on the severity of the damage and the nature of repairs that are required. Some denture repair companies offer discounts, free shipping and other cost-saving plans, so be sure to make proper enquiries before sending in your dentures for repairs.


Damaged dentures can be a hassle, and even with the best care and use, your dentures will eventually need repairs, so it is important to know that a reliable denture repair company is available to you when you need it. The above questions can help you assess and determine whether your denture repair company is the right company for you.

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