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How to choose a baby name you won’t hate later

How to choose a baby name you won’t hate later
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If you wonder how to choose the perfect name for your baby, here are some common-sense guidelines to help you. Don’t try to be different like celebrities (e.g., Grimes or Elon Musk), and avoid first names too similar (hi Robertson). Violet is a good name for your child if you are not Pete Wentz. Baby-names can turn south in unexpected ways, so choosing the right name for your baby is more important than you think.

When choosing a baby name, the initials test is a helpful tool. You might be calling Hannah Aileen Grant, your sweet little Hannah Aileen Grant, forever if you don’t stop to think about it. Did you know that your baby’s name could be a nickname? Although little Michael is affectionately called Micky, Micky quickly changes to Hicky, and little Dick will not have a great middle school experience. But, I suppose no one can. No name can save your child from any hardship. So do not waste time worrying about every cruel variant of every baby name.

Even the most popular baby names like William or Elizabeth are laden with personal histories and associations. You can identify red flags by putting your baby names through a series of tests. However, if you love a name, regardless of the results, keep it. There is no perfect name for a baby.

1.      When Choosing a Baby Name, Consider the Initials 

Does the first letter of your middle and last name spell anything? You might want to change Grace last name if it starts with an “G.” You’re not the first to have thought of this. Have you ever thought of the formal monogram? The last initial appears in central, the name is more significant, and the first and middle names for Grace are on each side? It may save Felicia Tina Anthony the expense of ever wanting something monogrammed with F.A.T. You consider it necessary.

2.      Play the Baby Name Rhyme game to pick a name

Although Shelly may be smelly, and Doug may play with slugs in the yard, Drew, according to word on the street, eats lots of poo.

3.      Run the Name by Clever Grade-Schooler

Yes, children will bully each other in schoolyards for any reason. You don’t want them to feel inadequate and unable to do their homework. You can help them figure out how fast a name can become playground fodder by giving your favorite name(s), to an intelligent 10-year-old friend. Ask them to come up with as many nicknames as possible. Keep looking if he can generate 10 in less time.

4.      Cross-check Names against Trending Celebrities

If you are adamant about a name that isn’t common and you meet a star in the L.A. Lakers or a Kardashian baby, people might assume that you named your child after them. But, think about how many Kendalls and Kylies’ parents failed to take this test ten years ago and now regret it.

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5.      Ask Alexa for help when choosing a baby name

Faith Will is a friend of mine that I cannot Google. Faith Will has searched for her name every day of her adult life. Her faith is her only hope. Potential employers might not notice if she does anything that is shocking or makes national news. Google the full name of your child to see what results you get.

6.      Consider the Big Picture When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

It is essential to look at the full name. How do they all fit together? Is it possible for the last letter of a first name to collide with the first of the previous names confusingly? It’s worth a thought. Jonas Salk was forced to treat polio to get people to forget that his first name was Jonah.

7.      Talking of Smart Assistants: Be Prepared for Upcoming A.I. Names

Alexa is a lovely name. If you’re ever near Amazon’s intelligent home assistant, it can be a pain in your ass. Think about it: Virtual Alexa could be more common than she is now in a few years. It means that frustrations will be expected in both homes and businesses across the country when anyone calls Alexa’s or your daughter’s name. Except that Alexa is an expert at trivia and a master at setting timers in the kitchen.

8.      Screen the baby name to check for popularity and traditions

You do not have to care about what others people think. Your child may be less intense than you. To be safe, you can search “most popular baby names” to avoid the ones at the top. Some children don’t want the spotlight on their school as the only Luigi, but they also don’t want to be the one with the same name. Six other kids respond to the teacher’s calls.

Popular baby names may not be the best choice. These names tend to fade quickly in subsequent generations. Yes, Braden and Jaden, Aiden, Caden, and the other -dens, are fashionable now. But they will lock your child to a particular generation faster than those emails last week from Esther.

You might also want to Google “baby names people don’t like” and maybe even consider Neveah (Heaven Backward), which is constantly at the top of the list, along with Jaden or Braden, for the boys.

9.      When choosing your baby’s name, it only matters what you think:

It is the most basic and most straightforward test. It doesn’t matter if you find the perfect name or you love it. Surprisingly this is not something everyone puts through.

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