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Famous books written by best orthopedic doctors

Famous books written by best orthopedic doctors
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In case of medical sciences acquiring knowledge never ends. Health practitioners, doctors, surgeons have to learn more and more to keep in touch with latest methods of treatment. For this they attend seminars, workshops, and lectures both nationally and internationally to see what method of treatment is in trend and how much advancement in equipment have been made. Also there are medical books written by famous and experienced doctors to share their experiences and perspectives. In this modern era Ebooks are very much in trend. Here you touched your device and everything is in front of you. You can read books on your cell phones, tablets, computer systems. Here we will discuss some famous books written by best orthopedic doctors to excavate the hidden gems. 

Text book of fractures and dislocations by Manzoor Ahmad Khan

This famous book is wrote by Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Khan. He has the experience of 50 years in the field of orthopedic surgery which he shared in this amazing book. He was a teacher of orthopedic surgery in medical colleges like King Edward in Lahore and Khyber medical college in Peshawar. His book is based on his 50 years of experience as orthopedic surgeon. He shared thirty years of his teaching experience and rest as a practitioner. He has also written many other books and articles on orthopedic surgery . Further add to this he has invited to many countries like Saudia, the USA, and Germany for delivering lectures regarding orthopedic surgeries. 

Textbook of Fractures and Dislocations: Khan, Manzoor Ahmad: 9781514440650: Books

The book is about different possible fractures a person health can get during his lifetime. It included description of fractures, their treatment and complications that may arise after getting a fracture. Every fracture is discuss in detail with possible orthopedic treatment. You can find a very descriptive data over pelvis, chest, face, spine, upper and lower limb fractures. Moreover the thing that make this book peculiar is the description of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. It elaborates on how important these two things are and how to use them for treatment of fractures. Dr. Mazoor Ahmad is one of the best orthopedic doctor in Pakistan. Every orthopedic surgeon in Lahore must read this book to learn from his experience.

Miller’s review of orthopedics 8th edition

Miller’s review of orthopedics hold information regarding orthopedics, latest advancements in this field which help orthopedic doctors and surgeons to practice more efficiently and effectively. An outstanding book that provides a detailed, easy to understand and readable material. It is a concise learning with deep view into the matter. Every chapter is intelligently design to convey knowledge at its best. This book holds 750 new figures as compared to its previous editions which help the medical students and professionals to study orthopedics in detail. Moreover, illustrations, tables, key points, multiple choice question answers help to get a quick review of topic. Available as eBook which can be sighted over cellphones, tablets, laptops or desktop systems. It also holds video clips to make better deliberation of topic. With this E-textbook access to provided references in book is much easier. Miller's Review of Orthopaedics E-Book eBook : Miller, Mark D.,  Thompson, Stephen R.: Books

Dr Miller and Dr. Stephen R. Thompson are the authors of this amazing book. Dr. Stephen is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. He completed his medical studies from University of Sydney. At university of Maryland he did residency and Fellowship at the sports medicine clinic in London. As a good medical professional he used all his experience and knowledge to write this book. Dr. Stephen has been working as a chief editor for Miller’s review of Orthopedics. He edited 6th, 7th and now 8th edition successfully. 

Current diagnosis and treatment, orthopedics 6th edition

Current diagnosis and treatment is very informative book on orthopedics. It gives the latest and modern techniques to diagnose and treat the orthopedic disorders or disease. 500 images in the book helps to get better understanding of the written content. Major emphasis gaves on features of diseases related to musculoskeletal system. The book elaborates state of disease, its nature, working required to diagnose the disease and finally all possible treatments. Pathophysiology, epidemiology, imaging and laboratory studies are included so reader can be able to diagnose patients rightly and will be able to treat them accordingly. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Orthopedics, Sixth Edition (Current  Diagnosis and Treatment in Orthopedics) eBook : McMahon, Patrick J.,  Skinner, Harry: Books

Book is divided into various chapters discussing topics like sports medicine, pediatric surgery, spinal disorders, musculoskeletal trauma, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation, amputations, musculoskeletal oncology, orthopedic diseases and injuries. Also it includes adult reconstructive, foot, hand and ankle surgery. Altogether it is a perfect book for medical students studying orthopedics, for orthopedic surgeons, family practitioners and for anyone related to this field. Imaging in orthopedics is a new topic introduced in the 6th edition of this book. Highly recommended book as it is beneficial to diagnose and provide patients right treatment on right time.

The book is written by two authors Dr. Patrick J. McMahon, MD and Dr. Harry B. Skinner, MD. Both of them worked in coordination writing down their knowledge and personal experience during the course of their practice as orthopedists. Dr. Patrick is an orthopedist and chief of orthopedic surgery in Pittsburgh. Dr. Harry is an orthopedist in Fullerton, California. He is certified as an orthopedic surgeon by board in Fullerton. He has written many other books and journals regarding orthopedics.


Reading books increase knowledge especially for doctors and surgeons it is a gem to add in their information. Such books as discussed above written by famous authors gives a chance to get benefit from experience of experts in the field. In the medical field every medical practitioner learn from the experience of their seniors. How good is that an orthopedic surgeon sitting in Pakistan can get benefit from experience of surgeon in abroad and vice versa. Doctors and surgeons everywhere in world can share their knowledge and experience to benefit mankind. Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore must read these books as they are highly informative and very easy to grasp. Moreover they hold modern methods of diagnosis and treatments which is essential to know as a medical professional.

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