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6 Effective Tips to Prevent Cavities

6 Effective Tips to Prevent Cavities
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Visiting the dentist was the scariest part of my childhood and I’m sure that most of you can relate to this. However, you can’t simply avoid visiting your dentist. 

Cavities – Your Dental Health Enemies

There could be many reasons for visiting your dentist, from minor toothache to cavities that affect your oral health. As a child, most of our scary dental stories began with cavities. No one wants to have these. 

I remember when I accompanied my mother during her visit to a best dental surgeon in Multan and went through my routine checkups there. I used to be afraid of my dentist finding a cavity. Even once I tried to clean my teeth externally by using a toy keychain and injured my gums. Thinking like a child, my behaviour was justified because I never wanted a ban on my sweets and chocolates. But these were all myths that even caused more damage than cavities themselves. 

How to Prevent Cavities?

Dental cavities are quite common and anyone can develop these. Cavities result from tooth decay that results in the formation of holes in teeth. If remain untreated for a long time, then cavities become visible from the naked eye and can appear as a spot. But cavities are not the biggest problem just as they are presented to be. 

You can do many things to prevent dental cavities. Some of the tips that can help you to prevent cavities include;

1- Know your Risk Level

Before we begin talking about the prevention of cavities, it is important to know about your risk. You can’t tell it on your own and a detailed dental checkup is required to predict your chances of dental cavities. So, it is really important to talk to your dentist if you don’t want to suffer from these problems.

2- Properly clean your Teeth

Your teeth are an important and integral part of your oral health. Cleaning your teeth properly is one of the very first things that you can do to avoid the onset of cavities. Start with brushing your teeth regularly and do it twice a day. The choice of your toothbrush and the toothpaste are essentially important for the proper cleaning of your mouth. While brushing your teeth, be mindful that you don’t forget your tongue and brush it properly. 

3- Avoid Sugary Drinks

One of the many things that increase your risk of dental cavities, the consumption of sweets is one prominent one. Too much sugary foods and drinks as it increases the frequency of acid attack on teeth resulting in cavities or teeth decay. So avoid consuming sugary foods and drinks as much as you can and try to limit your sugar consumption to natural sources.

4- Drink more and more water

Water consumption is surely one of the effective ways to prevent tooth cavities. When you drink water, again and again, it rinses your oral cavity thoroughly limiting the attack of acids on teeth. Further, water also removes the debris from the surface of teeth resulting in keeping your teeth clean and preventing possible damage due to cavities formation. 

5- Have Calcium-Rich Foods

Calcium is an essential mineral that is a part of our bones and teeth. Calcium keeps your bones dense as well as it makes your teeth stronger. Having enough calcium-rich foods is beneficial because it prevents teeth from acid attack and also it helps to protect the enamel on the teeth surface. So, whenever you are making your everyday food choices, don’t forget to include a lot of calcium-rich foods in your diet to prevent your teeth from damage in both the short run and long run. 

6- Fiber is your new best friend

Consuming foods rich in fibre content is good for your dental health. When you consume foods having higher fibre content, it has a cleaning effect on your teeth. Another way fibre helps your teeth is by enhancing the production of saliva that is your natural defence against the cavities. 

Bottom Line!

Cavities are a common dental problem and can affect anyone including children. Cavities don’t solely come from sugary foods and drinks and many other things can also determine your risk of developing cavities. You can prevent cavities from consuming the right foods and ensuring proper cleaning and regular dental checkups. However, it is equally important to pay attention to the warning signs and visit your dentist in case of any troubling indicator. 

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