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Top Reasons to Switch to Period Pants

Top Reasons to Switch to Period Pants
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If you have been growing frustrated with your choices of feminine hygiene products when menstruating, this is a good time to consider using period panties. This specially designed product is worn like regular panties. However, they include a built-in mechanism to absorb your period flow like a traditional pad. Here are five of the best reasons to make the switch to period panties for all of your feminine hygiene needs.

Optimal Comfort: There is no doubt that bulky pads or tampons can be uncomfortable and irritating. It does not get any more comfortable than wearing period panties. Because of the unique design, they fit and feel like regular underwear. Women report being especially conformable while sleeping using this special kind of protection. You no longer have to worry about the discomfort of a pad every time you roll over or move. In addition, period panties are ideal for a busy and active lifestyle because of their supreme comfort.

Ease of Use: Using period panties could not be any easier. All that you need to do is to slip them on just as you would a regular pair of underwear. You will forget that you are even wearing them. The panties are machine washable, making them easy to care for and maintain your period protection.

Maximum Protection: Period panties are also distinguished for the great amount of protection that they offer against leaks and other mishaps. According to WUKA, their heavy flow period pants can absorb up to 20 milliliters of blood. This is equivalent to what four normal tampons would absorb. This extreme protection will help to guard against stains on your clothing or sheets. You will no longer have to worry about embarrassing leaks if you are using your period panties as your primary form of protection.

Ideal for Unpredictable Flow Days: Even the most predictable cycles can get off track. You can protect yourself in the days leading up to your period by just wearing these panties so that you will always be ready for your menstruation cycle to start. Or wear the panties an extra day or two after you think your cycle is ending just to be safe. The underwear is also ideal for days with the unpredictable flow. Rather than worrying about how many tampons or pads you will need to pack, you will feel confident that you are prepared when you are wearing your period panties.

Natural Protection: Period panties are also a great product if you are looking for natural protection. Unlike some pads and tampons that may irritate your skin, this type of product is an all-natural way to handle the hassle of your period. The breathable material will keep you feeling dry and fresh. There is no better way to contain your flow than with a natural product.

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These five reasons are just the start of why you will appreciate the comfort, convenience, and protection offered to you every month with period panties. For more information on the above, you can always search online to help you.

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